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Milestone [for cancer]

Media: Projection 
Location: Manchester
Year: 2018

About the work:
The Milestone for Cancer project was born from the idea that after receiving the ‘all clear’, Paul wanted to document and share his experience of living with cancer. Milestone [for cancer] was produced in response to that idea.

Milestone is not a journal, yet it does contain extracts from his personal diary – the day he began Chemotherapy. The book features written and visual elements that showcase experimental image making It acknowledges the aesthetics and expressive possibilities of typography, colour and the digital image. Ultimately, this is a hybrid of art, science and technology — an artistic representation of whats happening inside the body during chemotherapy treatment to bring new and accessible narratives to the ‘ugliness’ of cancer. The dynamic visuals try to evoke a sense of energythrough fluidity and light. They represent the power and control of medicine.

Paul hopes it goes beyond just experimental imagery and letter forms to beleives these visuals can interact and create new powerful connections, meanings, and challenge the perception that cancer is always ‘ugly’.