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UN_FOLD Magazine

Media: Print  
Location: Liverpool
Year: 2015

About the work:
UN_FOLD Magazine, is an experiment for the fashion voices of tomorrow. This award winning publication conceived and art-directed by Paul. Realised as an annual magazine it aligns higher education with industry practices. A concept originally embedded in Paul’s own teaching practice. Often UN_FOLD will explore themes of identity, culture and diversity within contemporary fashion with a focus on building the voice of youth. You can see more at www.wearefashion.co.uk or available to buy at magma-shop.com

UN_FOLD Magazine, Volume_01 Print is Dead - Long live print.
UN_FOLD Magazine, Volume_02 Youth Culture - Britishness.
UN_FOLD Magazine, Volume_03 Girls by Girls (but not fogetting the Men).
UN_FOLD Magazine, Volume_04 Sex, Politics, Art + Money. All the thing we should(n’t) be talking about.
UN_FOLD Magazine, Volume_05 Conform + Rebel. Need we say more.