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A Hidden Identity

Media: Print
Location: UK 
Year: 2010

About the work:
Hidden Identity is based on the true story of Carri James. Born in North Wales and raised there by Welsh-speaking parents, Carri discovers as a young child that she is adopted. But it is only when complications arise during the birth of her first child that Carri is consumed by the urge to learn about her roots. A lie that has remained dormant for many years ultimately leads Carri to Ruby, her birth mother. They meet in Liverpool on a draughty railway platform, where Carri is told that her father Henry Flint, an American GI, had been killed in Normandy during World War II. Carri’s search for his resting place spans more than thirty years until finally she find him – alive, eighty-seven years old and living in Mississippi, where there is an emotional reunion.