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Atrium Gallery Milestone [it’s still personal]

Media: Print  
Location: Liverpool
Year: 2019

About the work:
Milestone [it’s still personal] is an ongoing project visualising the journal kept duringmy chemotherapy journey.

Conceptualising the idea of how a body fighting cancer is dependent on a partnership between scientific and technological processes is personified in this artwork.

The artistic and narrative intentions of the use of ‘light’ was of significant importance in representing the trauma of chemotherapy treatment. Experimental image making was used to evoke the chemical energies happening within the body. The intervention of vigorous drugs traveling through microscopic structures of veins and cells: fluidity and light. Representing the power and control of medicine and the dichotomy between conscious and subconscious.

This visual series illustrates the light and shade moments of cancer treatment and importantly demonstrate that the reaction and control of disease in abstract forms can turn the ugly into the beautiful.