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Art of Football / www.idontlovesoccer.co.uk  

Media: Print  
Location: Liverpool
Year: 2012

About the work:
Moving the Goalposts’ is taken from a photographic series that explores inner city public spaces which defines Liverpool’s soccer culture. Capturing aspects of true grassroots soccer as seen in urban locations around the city. Where soccer is not a sport - it’s something completely different. Soccer is not about wearing the right boots, or having the latest shirt, it’s not even about strategy, skill, timing or co-ordination and it’s definitely not about future fame and fortune. Soccer is a spirit – a kind of ethos. It’s about a different kind of team. Forget the technical and the physical, soccer is about the psychological and social. A spirit of equality, fun and freedom that starts from the grassroots unseen on the pitch.

Soccer brings people together from all walks of life – united, regardless of their background, religion, age and gender. Soccer is one of the ultimate foundations to the fabric of community. It is about escapism and belonging to a different kind of club – a sense of acceptance and approval of identity, something much more than sport. In this team there are no reserves, no referees and the players are all forwards and defenders at the same time. Each rewarded with things that are better than trophies.