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Laces Out 2018 | trainer festival Liverpool

Media: exhibition / print
Location: Liverpool
Year: 2018

About The Work:
One day exhibition at LacesOut trainer festival, Hinterlands, Liverpool.

‘The Fashion of Counter Culture, Obsession, Style and Place’ exhibition primarily focuses on working class men and their interests in vintage European sportswear labels through observing, investigating and documenting narratives of obsessions with dress codes and how these informed the Terrace Fashion sub-culture and its evolution. It seeks to reveal, restore and clarify current knowledge of this group, starting with the birthplace of this phenomena: Liverpool.

The exhibition is an ongoing collaboration with Transalpino, Liverpool, where the curation of over 100 key garments and artefacts, including rare, original and vintage pieces from private collections showcase the impact of branded labels in respect of the Terrace Casuals in Merseyside from 1977 to 1997.